New Home Construction Stages to Completion

By Tyler Bastianelli | September 26, 2019

Learning the process of the construction of your new home, stage by stage. Here is what to expect in the build of your new home construction: Stage 1: Prepare the site of the construction, lay the foundation. The construction crew will level the area of the new construction so the ground is even.  The construction […]

Best Homeowner Tools – For Your Toolbox

By Tyler Bastianelli | September 20, 2019

Getting in your to your new home is a great feeling, and as soon as you start feeling settled…you begin thinking about all the things you want to do and decorate to make it feel like home. For all of your do-it-yourself projects inside and outside the home, as well as building your new trendy […]

Home & Garden – Fall’s To-Do List

By Tyler Bastianelli | September 13, 2019

Fall is in full swing, here is a quick list of items to remember to keep your home and garden beautiful.   Fall Preparation: Garden List Collect Seeds Collect seeds in paper envelopes, remember to label them because it’s very difficult to remember them all. Cut the Lawn Keep mowing the lawn, bag attached, to […]

Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Tips for Moving Into a New Home

By Tyler Bastianelli | August 27, 2019

Moving into a new home is a stressful, but exciting time for everyone involved.  Just as important as the tips of things to remember to do, is the order you execute things to make your life as easy as possible and efficient with your time. Tips for Moving Into Your New Home: Update Your Address […]

Organize Your New Home

How to Organize Your New Home

By Tyler Bastianelli | February 20, 2019

Becoming a new home owner is very exciting and a proud moment!  This momentous occasion is quickly followed by the daunting task of vacating your old place and packing your belongings and unpacking and organizing your new home. To be effective in the process of organizing your new home, it’s important to do things in […]

The Ultimate Housewarming Party

The Ultimate Housewarming Party

By Tyler Bastianelli | January 22, 2019

One of the most enjoyable moments in your new home, is when you introduce your friends and family to check it out and get the tour. We have provided things to consider, and a walk-through on how to have the ultimate housewarming party for your people! Deciding between a Day-time or Evening Housewarming Party Are […]

Tips for Moving to a New City

Tips for Moving to a New City

By Tyler Bastianelli | December 14, 2018

Moving to a new city is exciting and offers new experiences and lifestyle changes as you integrate into a new local culture.  Here is a list of tips and recommendations to make your move more stress-free and to make a more comfortable transition to your next city. Pack Boxes by Room, Pack a Suitcase for […]

Benefits of Buying a Model Home

Benefits of Buying a Model Home

By Tyler Bastianelli | November 30, 2018

The benefits of buying a model home may come as a surprise to someone who has never considered this option when doing their new-home buying search.  The opportunity to purchase the model home is a very interesting and exciting option to get into the neighborhood you like with all the upgrades to the layout and […]

Holiday Hosting In Your New Home

Holiday Hosting in Your New Home

By Tyler Bastianelli | November 30, 2018

Hosting holiday parties for your friends and family is fun and creates lasting memories but can also be stressful. Have the best holiday party by using these tips for planning and enjoy hosting the celebration in your new home. Prep the Entry Way for Heavy Holiday Foot Traffic The entry ways to your new home […]

Benefits of Buying A New Home vs Renovating an Existing Home

Benefits of Buying a New Home vs. Renovating Your Existing Home

By Tyler Bastianelli | November 19, 2018

The decision to buy new versus renovate an existing home, is a common quandary facing families and individuals every year.  Keeping in mind, all situations are different, here are some things to consider when determining what is the best choice for you. There are many benefits of buying a new home, we’ll provide a few […]