Pollard Park – Best Outdoor Things To Do in Chesterfield

By Tyler Bastianelli | February 21, 2020

Pollard Park is one of the best outdoor things to do in Chesterfield Township! Pollard park is located in Chesterfield Township (near our Hickey Meadows West Community in Chesterfield Township) and is estimated to be 128 acres in size! The park is a great place for playing sports, and have organized leagues available for sign-up. […]

Best Kids Birthday Party Places in Chesterfield, MI

By Tyler Bastianelli | February 14, 2020

One of the best kids birthday party place in Chesterfield, MI is C.J. Barrymore’s Entertainment. C.J Barrymore’s is a great place for entertainment for all ages, even for adults. There is a variety of options for fun with friends including batting cages, kart racing, bumper boats, laser tag, arcade games and so much more. Having all […]

Closet Organization Ideas

By Tyler Bastianelli | January 23, 2020

Do you have clothes, accessories and shoes laying on the ground in your closet and bedroom? Here are some ideas on how to help create some space, and improve your closet organization. Add Hooks Inside Your Closet This is going to allow you to hang scarfs, belts, and maybe even some purses. Purge Your Clothes […]

Wall Cracks In A New House – Explained

By Tyler Bastianelli | January 12, 2020

Seeing wall cracks in your new house? Understandably, concern would arise. You will be more relaxed after you understand why and how. Home Settlement New homes take around 3 years to ‘settle in’ to its foundations. Cracks in the walls are expected around the expansion joint of the home. The entire weight of the home […]

Holiday Hacks – Decoration Storage Secrets

By Tyler Bastianelli | January 7, 2020

These holiday decoration storage secrets will help to organize and simplify your holiday lights, ornaments, and other loved possessions to bring the spirit to your home this time of year. Minimize stress, maximize efficiency. Gift Bags & Boxes Store with Magazine Organizers Reuse magazine racks to organize your gift bags and gift boxes. You can […]

Winter Decorations for Your Home

By Tyler Bastianelli | December 24, 2019

Decorate with winter decorations to create an inviting, warm, seasonal feeling in your home! These do-it-yourself decorations and clever winter crafts will give your home the perfect holiday season look. Winter Wreath Dark browns, pine cones, deep greens and holly, white flowers, make for a beautiful seasonal wreath! Dining Table Decorations Lit Bottle Brush Christmas […]

Clean Kitchen with White Countertops and Houseplants

Benefits of Using a Humidifier In Your Home

By Tyler Bastianelli | December 21, 2019

Air in your home can become dry and stale especially in the Winter months. We recommend considering a humidifier to add moisture to the air and help to improve conditions and help to prevent respiratory issues and dry skin. Dry air can pull moisture from your skin and cause respiratory problems like sore throats. When […]

Keep Your Furnace Working Efficiently

By Tyler Bastianelli | December 21, 2019

Your home furnace is one of the most expensive and important machines that you rarely think about unless there is a performance issue or it fails. Maintenance on your furnace can help your machine run more efficiently, last longer, and save you money. Try these ideas for maintaining your furnace, assisting it to run less […]

Beautifully lit dining room with table and chairs, energy efficient lighting.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs to Save Money

By Tyler Bastianelli | December 10, 2019

As technology continues to improve and become more energy-efficient the government standards follow closely behind to ensure we are are doing what we can for the environment. The lighting industry continues to make great improvements in the energy needed to light your home. The old-trusted incandescent light bulbs have been the main light source for […]

Bed with Storage under it, and other storage in a small room

Home Organization Tips and Tricks

By Tyler Bastianelli | November 29, 2019

Living in a home with limited storage, makes it absolutely critical to organize and maximize the storage space that you do have. Hopefully you can use some of these ideas to make use of your home storage space. Creating Storage Under Your Bed There are bed frames with shelves built into the framing of your […]