Maybe make it used kitty litter for added effect

Maybe make it used kitty litter for added effect

I’ve been looking for a site like this for a few days now

Nice link on the pill disposal. Summary for people reading this: If you want to dispose of your pills but be “green” about it: crush them, put them in a baggie, mix in water and kitty littler, then stick them in the trash. The kitty litter is for repulsiveness. Then just hold out till trash pickup night.

The first few days are pretty rough. Actually, it can take between 2 weeks and a month for your brain chemicals to recover. Hang in there!

Hello Mike. Before I go into things, I wanted to say that I was utterly thrilled to find this site. I stumbled on to a post you made in a thread about quiting Vyvanse and/or Adderall on Cafepharma’s Shire forum. Your post (and one other) was really the only post of any real substance. It blows my mind how misinformed and ignorant people are about the effects of ADD medication and what it can really do to you.

I apologize in advance for the length of this post. Short of one of my closest friends, this the first I’ve talked about this with anyone so I have a lot of thoughts I want to get out I guess.

Anyway, I suppose it should be pretty obvious why I decided to post here. Such with many others, ADD meds are unhinging my life. For the sake of clarifying though, I’m actually taking Vyvanse, which I’m sure you know is equally addictive and abusable (despite claims by the manufacture…).

That was a few years ago

I’ve come to a lot realizations lately regarding the quality of my life. While there are also other issues at hand, what Vyvanse is doing to me is definitely of the most concern. I’m sure it can and will get far worse from here if things are left be, but I can’t help but feel like I’m “hitting bottom” already. It’s a scary thought, but at the same time, kind of liberating in a way. Up until recently, I was in denial about it, more or less. I had the knowledge of what this drug has done to countless people, yet I couldn’t admit to myself that I have become one of thsoe people. I know ultimately, at this stage of things, I have to tell my psychiatrist if I’m going to beat this. I really can’t see managing this one on my own.

I guess the reason I’m posting here is mainly to gain some outside perspective. I’ve realized a lot of changes in many aspects of my life that I believe stem from abusing the meds NV installment loans but I also realize I’m in no shape to really accurately assess everything myself in a manner that would be of any real help to me. A few of the articles I read on this site pointed out somethings that hadn’t occurred to me. As stated before,I know what I need to do to beat this and I just can’t do this alone.

As I also mentioned above, there are other issues. While I think my addiction overshadows them now, I believe at least a couple of them helped lead to it. The biggest of them would be depression. I was diagnosed with clinical depression at 14 (I’m 24 now, if you care to know) and have been prescribed countless anti-depressants since then. Short of a few of them working for short periods of time, most had no effect on me. After going through what seemed like dozens of different anti-depressants (I’ve honestly lost count), I decided I had enough of them. My psychiatrist at the time pretty much said there weren’t many other types of anti-depressants left to try out. Since then, I’ve yet to try any other anti-depressants.

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