Worse yet, this is the new normal

Worse yet, this is the new normal

At this point in the history of our country, it is clear that the banks are running the country and not vice versa. In the long run, wars will be fought on economic grounds, and the strongest countries will be the ones that can control their banks and not vice versa.

We are in the land of 0% interest rates, which has proven a bonanza for the banking sector but not the economy as a whole. 0% interest rates and 9% unemployment.

Something clearly needs to be done. It’s pretty sad when you can contact over 100 businesses and not a single one is financially able this year to help sponsor a youth select hockey team. I know that may seem petty to most people, but these kids work harder than most adults I know, and earn the honor of playing at a highly thought-of tournament in Chicago. As a reward for their hard work, they are constantly told that no one is able to help this year.

Mark I Agree with you! I Sent you a Letter back on around with a couple of Good Projects …And Since Then, I’ve Come Up with and DO have Many More as I’m a Very Prolific Thinker Idea Concept Creator… However I’m a Lil Disabled and Financially Unable to get My Stuff of the ground. I WILL as you say Become “Obnoxiously Rich” MUCH FASTER with Your Possible Partnering/Investing/Assistance. So

Which includes killing tens if not hundreds of Iraqis that never did a thing to us, and the same in Afganistan…

If the capital gains tax were back to 28% like it was in the early 90’s, would you change anything about the blog post above?

It’s patriotic to enable a government to force other governments to do what they want them to do instead of negotiating peacefully?

Because the debitors would have been put first in line like they should have been and they wouldn’t have flushed their money down the toilet so that the union could take their 40+%

The military is the embodiment of the government’s monopoly on force. And if they had it their way, no other government would be armed – Ever.

Sorry but fighting for a corrupt regime that long ago ceased to be a beacon for freedom and has become that which is the antithesis of what this country was founded on, is not patriotic, it’s morally wrong.

I’m always blown away by self-proclaimed “patriots” who talk about their willingness to defend the country and the American way of life with their very lives (although, often, they seem to be talking about their willingness to defend it with “someone else’s life,” not really their own), but then they recoil at the very suggestion that they should be willing to defend it with their check books as well.

“Lay down my life for the U.S.A.?” Sure. “Open up my check book to pay the tab for the freedoms and luxuries of living in the greatest country on https://loansolution.com/installment-loans-al/ earth?” No way! What hypocrisy.

At what % are you taxed effectively? I’m assuming most of your income is from capital gains, which is taxed quite low at 15% in comparison to the 20+% that most middle class men and women are taxed at.

The most patriotic? I’d say serving your country in the military is the most patriotic. Paying taxes is the law, serving your country is a choice.

Irhann: GM was forced to go into bankruptcy by the government. They likely would have done so themselves and the outcome would have been far better. Why?

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