Our first problem was when we called in to book our stay

Our first problem was when we called in to book our stay

We encountered several times when we couldn’t get through to the company and the phones were having problems. Fast forward to sent an email stating that this is their second attempt to contact me to confirm my trip to NYC for . I call the number in the email and speak to a “concierge” who goes over a bunch of information and then casually says that we will be staying at a different hotel. When I ask why, I am told that we were never told that we would be staying at The West 57th. I state that I have an email that shows that as our hotel and my call gets “dropped.”

Last night my mother called to let me know that my 93-year-old grandfather is in the hospital with pneumonia. We call the following day to switch our trip dates because my mother (who is coming to stay with our children) can no longer come and my focus is now my grandfather – and they want to charge us another $200 to switch because we are within 14 days of our trip. Our trip is March 30th and it is the 16th! After about 45 min of my husband trying to reason with a very condescending and rude customer service rep., my husband is told that they will for this “one time in the entire history of their company” reduce the fees to $.

My husband stated that this was still not okay and the woman tells my husband that she is recording all of the conversations and chatter going on within our home (I can only reason that she could hear my husband and I talking about our frustrations and desire to contact our bank. *Note: I was across the room from my husband). Suddenly she is willing to reduce the fee to $. At this point, we have chosen to lose all of our money and NEVER deal with this company and their lies again . The money they have already collected is all they will ever get from us and we will continue to share our story in the hopes that people hear it and stop allowing companies to fraudulently take advantage of consumers. Doing a quick research on the internet, as well as their own social media sites let me know that we are in no way alone.

My husband proceeds to tell the rep that he believes that her “threat” is not only odd, but probably illegal

HGV called me and offered a 1-week vacation. I asked if I could upgrade to a 2-bedroom and they said yes, so I paid a deposit for it. When I went to make the reservation, they told me it was for a 1-bedroom, and that changed a couple of months previously and were not offering the 2-bedroom. Then they lied and said there was nothing on their records about a 2-bedroom request. I asked that they get the recording but they refused.

Then when we did, we were charged $ because it had taken us over 45 days to call in and book

I am ashamed to say that I did the same thing these other people did. It sounded to good to be true and I should have hung up but I didn’t and I gave them my credit card. I am currently disputing the charge with the credit card company. The woman on the phone sounded very professional and lured me in. A three night stay in NYC for under $300 was unbelievable so DO NOT https://hookupdate.net/snapcougars-review/ believe it!

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