Nu-13’s design is very according to the Mecha Musume build, a design motif complete with ‘humanizing’ machines or inanimate things

Nu-13’s design is very according to the Mecha Musume build, a design motif complete with ‘humanizing’ machines or inanimate things

In the example of Nu, hers is dependant on swords. You should definitely during the competition, she appears as an earlier girl having drowned yellow vision and you may long silver tresses tied up toward a beneficial braid held together because of the an excellent solitary blade. She wears a shiny jumpsuit and a lengthy flowing cape with red-colored recording seals connected to the avoid. She wears a miracle strength regulator eyepatch for her proper vision and you may she is barefoot having blue nail polish on both fingertips and you may foot. From inside the BlazBlue: Phase shift cuatro, the woman told you best vision was revealed to be having black sclera, incase revealed, emanates blue vein marks that slow dominate her right-side.

When and if race condition, she has on innovative sword-inspired armor that features a couple of 7 disembodied blades you to definitely drift trailing the girl from inside the a-wing-such as for example development. She today dons an effective visor which have one attention and you can horns in the bottom.

Cellular nu

For the BlazBlue: Disaster Trigger, Noel Vermillion immediately after noticed a good “younger” form of Nu. She wore a bluish top together with much longer, gold locks, resembling Noel truly. Which adaptation is also viewed when Nu try impacted by Amane’s Astral Temperature, however, she’s got the girl eyepatch within this occasion.

Finally off BlazBlue: Centralfiction, Nu wears an off-white skirt, she no longer wears a keen eyepatch but enjoys bandages on her behalf proper eye alternatively.


Nu are shown to possess a torn identity; one that’s an enthusiastic emotionless girl that uses sales without a doubt together with most other because the a beneficial yandere that is in love with Ragna the Bloodedge.

Are a prime Occupation, Nu’s attitude was basically closed out, as nothing more than a keen emotionless host who kills anyone that blocks this lady coding otherwise whomever she determines to get intense. She try to begin with programmed so you can terminate somebody she deems hostile one appeared near the Door. When speaking with anyone that is not otherwise does not explore Ragna, she talks including a host or even in an enthusiastic emotionless build and is interested in the girl orders.

When around, reading on the or contemplating Ragna additionally, the woman personality changes to a person who is absolutely infatuated which have him. In her mind, Nu must have Ragna to herself, and you will whoever goes into the girl means have to perish, hence while making her an obsessive yandere unlike an enthusiastic possessive one to (possessive yanderes usually destroy its love interest to prevent dropping them to other people). Nu’s love for Ragna has given their the newest habit of by using the extremely intimate innuendo from the whole throw in the new BlazBlue series. Which especially the case whenever doing Ragna, since this woman is constantly offering your a good “naughty” look while using innuendo up to your. But not, what makes Nu different to old-fashioned yanderes is that if you’re she alter so you’re able to an individual who is in love which have Ragna, she doesn’t necessarily features an excellent “deredere” front side in order to the woman identity since the she nevertheless tends to state black and visual what things to other people and might still act emotionless actually in Ragna’s visibility.

That it unrequited love comes from a different sort of interpretation from exactly what nothing regarding Saya’s thoughts out-of Ragna she and has while the an immediate consequence of are a clone away from their brother, and therefore developed into an enchanting affection plus the faith which they was indeed destined to be likely along with her by destiny. But not, Nu features an alternative translation out-of indicating passion in order to Ragna, that involves “killing” each other, understanding that none herself nor Ragna can not permanently sit dry owed on Lifetime Connect it show. This is because Ragna got lost a couple of Nu’s earlier in the day undeveloped regulators prior to now through to the occurrences out-of Calamity Lead to and this were not able to reply let alone cam. That it provided this lady the experience one to “killing” both is best and only way to let you know passion to Ragna and is also as a result of this fact that even after enjoying Ragna much, she can nonetheless fight your into the an extremely intense style after they engage in battle.

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