On the disturbance, Lucy reads the publication and you will notices things fascinating

On the disturbance, Lucy reads the publication and you will notices things fascinating

She rushes out-of immediately following asking Natsu to buy the lady a bit while the she decodes the book. She finds out herself about mansion’s sewers and you can spends an appartment out-of magical servings one lets this lady discover on very speed and you may could probably find the hidden concept of the book. Everlue appears just before the woman and pins their down, threatening to-break their fingers if the she doesn’t simply tell him what she has located. Soon, although not, Happier will come and forces Everlue to allow wade off the lady. Disgusted, Lucy summons Cancers, the woman Celestial Heart while the Natsu happens when Everlue summons Virgo, with moved through the Celestial Globe towards Virgo’s right back, leaving Lucy entirely dumbfounded. Natsu after that defeats Virgo whilst the Lucy and Disease defeat Everlue.

Through the the girl fight with Everlue the guy shows in order to this lady his initiatives to make the writer, Kemu, to type a good verifying publication regarding himself and even went due to the fact much about imprison your to accomplish this

After the its profit, Natsu and you will Lucy go back to the mansion and you can correspond with Kaby, where the guy preserves their wish to have the ebook to be burned, and that irritates Natsu. He adultspace hookup reveals as to the reasons he wants for the guide become destroyed and his awesome previous lives. Ahead of Natsu can be complete the deal, yet not, the ebook pertains to lifetime and rearranges the fresh new label of “Daybreak” in order to “Precious Kaby”, revealing become an enthusiastic anagram. Lucy after that demonstrates she receive the publication got actually started authored by Kemu to have their guy, Kaby, and you will placed a spell with it. In spite of the delighted lead, Natsu declines Kaby’s prize, as he and you can Lucy didn’t fulfil what the bargain had particularly requested and you may experienced it might echo defectively on Fairy Tail, upsetting Lucy. On their in the past, Natsu deduces you to definitely Lucy is actually, herself, composing a book that is just what he noticed as he was at her room, ultimately causing Lucy to be ashamed and inquire him to not give anybody.

Lullaby Arch [ ]

After the incapacity of their earliest objective, Cluster Natsu return to the fresh guild in which Natsu, again, gets into a struggle with Gray. At the same time, Lucy searches for various other trip to the see board and whilst the speaking with Mirajane, finds out regarding framework of the various guilds together with lives out-of illegal guilds, called ‘Dark Guilds’. Just after Natsu scares the lady he says to the lady in order to rush and find yet another employment in their mind since it is the lady turn to pick one, however, expresses a disinterest in dealing with him. Grey informs Lucy one she is always to feel need not cluster with somebody more as a result of the positive outcome for her earliest quest, however, she retorts one Natsu performed nearly that which you. Because the Natsu and Gray beginning to brawl again, Loke, several other guild associate, flirts with Lucy but easily operates away as he discovers one to she’s a beneficial Celestial Soul Mage but then quickly productivity to share with Natsu and you may Grey that the S-Category Mage, Erza Vivid red, is back.

Erza comes into new guild hall even though the carrying a giant horn away from a devil she has murdered, and you may immediately following scolding several members of Fairy Tail, transforms to Grey and you may Natsu, that are terrified of the woman, and you may requires them to tag collectively for her 2nd goal. Even though Natsu and you can Gray each other deny, it slip for the deaf ears just like the Erza instantaneously sets onward which have the pair. Mirajane takes notice of fall into line and you can ” from inside the Fairy End just before asking Lucy to mark and them to keep Gray and you may Natsu out-of entering their typical battles. At the time of their departure, from the train station, Lucy keeps the two off breaking for the a great brawl by the lying you to definitely Erza was handling. Immediately following Erza in fact arrives Lucy introduces by herself in order to the woman, having Erza cheerfully acknowledging Lucy’s business. Natsu following pressures Erza in order to a combat once their mission finishes, things she easily agrees so you’re able to.

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