13 Easy And Effective Customer Engagement Strategies

13 Easy And Effective Customer Engagement Strategies

Think about it. If you truly love them like you claimed, then, why are you in so much a hurry to get their money?

Don’t you think it’s more honorable and easier to engage customers first, and fan their hunger and thirst for your product?

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Whether you sell ebooks, software, consulting, coaching, or a physical product (e.g., clothing), without loyal customers, you’ll fail.

I’m not really here to lecture you. You already know that without engaged customers, it would be difficult – perhaps, impossible to win them.

They forget that until these ideal customers are motivated, and upgraded in their state of mind, they’ll likely switch to competitors – it’s only a matter of time.

According to Verint, 61% of consumers would tell friends and family about their experiences, while 27% reported that they would sign up to the company’s loyalty scheme.

People have a diminishing attention span. Since these people (customers) come from different sources, it’s important to track engagement on both desktop and mobile devices.

According to a recent report from IMRG Calpgemini, “a total of 52% of web traffic to retail sites currently comes via smartphones and tablets.”

1. Use social media as an engagement tool and not simply a platform

Yes, these social platforms are primarily for that, but you should use them as tools, if you want better results.

Social media is huge. As of , the total worldwide population is 7.3 billion. And out of these, about 2.3 billion people are active social media users.

Do you think that connecting with them is all they want? If that were all, then, it doesn’t make sense – because you can connect with people outside of Facebook.

When people follow you on Twitter, or like your page on Facebook, they took that action because they trust that you’ll help them.

Make no mistakes about it, these people have problems that need urgent solutions. Through customer engagement, you can retain and make customers happier.

Begin to see social media as a tool, not just a platform. This means that you can use the tool to connect, share, identify questions, research influencers and other experts, and create content that your fans will scream, “Wow, ‘ve been looking for this!”

But Lenovo, a global leader in computer technology sees social media differently. As a brand, the company uses digital social tools to deliver immense value to its customers.

The company uses social media to obtain user data and after analyzing it, gets ahead of its competitors – in terms of consumer trends.

Like Lenovo, if you begin to view social media as a new and viable means to engage with prospects and customers, you can shift your brand’s social media strategy – and begin to cater for your customers.

2. Engage customers with In-Product messaging

When it comes to product messaging (i.e., notifying your customers about your new product) online installment loans MO, there are several key channels that you can use.

But you can improve your conversions, by sending in-product messages. Because, that’s what your intimate customers are desperately looking for.

“Content, and related media delivered directly to a user’s internet-connected device or software application, with the purpose of informing, gathering feedback from, engaging with, or marketing to that specific user or segment of users at often-higher engagement rates than other digital marketing and online marketing channels.”

From the definition, you can see that when you send targeted message to a segment of your users, you’ll get higher engagement rates.

The ideal approach is to message a specific segment of your customer base with the exact product/offer which they’ve indicated interest.

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