So You Provide The Lenders For Your Students?

So You Provide The Lenders For Your Students?

We published several articles which go greatly in depth on how to become a business loan broker, but we’re often asked what kind of resources, training, and coaching are included.

Although certainly not the first time someone has created a training package worth more than it costs, we are different and better than our competitors. We don’t churn out 1-trick ponies, we change our students into the money-making machines they’ve always known they could be. (Most just didn’t know how to get started!)

  1. Training
  2. Legal documents and proven scripts.
  3. ?We provide the Partners andDirect Lenders
  4. ?Lending options, resources and strategies.
  5. I have weekly callswith our members.
  6. A large and engaging Facebook group.
  7. ?We offer Lifetime Phone and E-mail support with no extra fees.
  8. An amazing deal-lifespan cheat sheet Flowchart
  9. Coaching/ Mentorship
  10. BONUSES like extra training and More!

Click the link below to watch my free training video which details everything you need to make an educated decision about this business model!

What Training Is Included?

The primary training in the Blueprint includes everything you need to be a successful loan broker and make 6-7 figures a year. (Like some of our top students are doing right now!)

The training is fairly simple, but it doesn’t just focus on the technical details of loan brokering. It also has portions dedicated to help you find your “why,” determine your goals, and help you become a boss! (Of your business and your life)

Of course, we go greatly in-depth on how to close deals as easily and profitably as possible. Plus, we are constantly updating it with information that our students have requested. (Since this industry is regularly developing after all)

We include case studies, the ways to evaluate a client, how to structure profit in a deal, and way more. Whether it’s the effective ways we teach our students to market (free and paid methods) or the ways to expand your loan brokerage, we teach it!

Yes! We give way more than a standard educational course would. When someone enrolls in a program, usually the teacher doesn’t provide their students with contacts. We’re different. We give our students the specific lending sources they need to structure virtually any deal for profit. This means more deals closed, no matter how specific the business’ needs are!

We published an article discussing the various lending situations and loan options that can be used, here. In that article I wrote about how important it is to have multiple lending options. Not every business should use Merchant Cash Advance, and not every business is truly an “established business.”

Evaluating a business is a crucial step in determining how quickly a loan can be completed, and a business may not qualify for the money they are wanting. (That’s why loan brokers are often used by businesses, they take the guesswork out of the loan!)

We Get Weekly Calls With You?

That’s right. Unlike many of our competitors who charge you thousands of dollars to even look at them, I’m invested in seeing our students succeed! This means less time trying to figure things out, and more time following a plan that we outline for you.

I will be right there with you as you pursue your goals. Money isn’t everything, but it is the primary reason most people even start a business. So isn’t it disappointing when a business acts like they want to help you make money but don’t?

I’m regularly helping our members learn the ropes, and quickly help them make money quickly. (As I said, most of our students make money within 30-60 days after enrolling) That isn’t just because they followed the training! It’s because my team and I came alongside them!

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